• Our durable stick-on labels are the best solution for lasting marking of all items of any size and shape, preventing their irretrievable losses or exchanges, they are eligible for a regular usage in dish washers and microwaves. Their surface is equiped with a laminated layer resisting the dampness and mechanical damage..

  • You can find the exact size of each product on the page with its detail.


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6x samolepek velkých 66 x 12 mm

6x samolepek malých 34 x 6 mm

330,- Kč

Product photo
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12 pieces

size 70 x 16 mm

for younger children who like to see their name in bigger print...


big stickel label_backround.png
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20 pieces

size 53 x 13 mm

ideal for smaller items...

small stickel label_backround.png
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60 pieces

size 30 x 6 mm

for naming pencils, textas and all little items....

mini sticker label_backround.png
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20 pieces

size 25 x 25 mm

for all school supplies, books, sports equipment....

squared sticker label_backround.png
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20 pieces

size: diameter 25 mm

fun way to name all your children's belongings....

round sticker label_backround.png
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24 pieces

size 50 x 13 mm

ideal choice for older children and adults...

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12 pieces

size 35 x 35 mm

label your shoes and never lose them....

Shoe Label_backround.png
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14 pieces

size 50 x 18 mm

ideal for teeneagers and seniors...

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16 pieces

size 75 x 50 mm

for labeling notebooks and folders...

School Book Label_backround.png