• menu PRODUCTS

  • Choose the kind of label.

  • Click on DETAIL.

  • Click on CREATE YOUR OWN.

  • In the tabs SINGLE LINED/MULTIPLE LINED TEXT  write your desired text in the destined box.

  • Choose its size using the scroll bar.

  • In the drop down menu choose font and colour of the text.

  • In the tab COLOUR choose the background and frame colour.

  • Choose motiv (PICTURE) – divided in 3 categories – For girls, For boys, For all.


If you want your own picture, send us your picture by email (

  • Choose quantity – use significant discounts when ordering bigger amounts.

  • Click on ADD TO CART

  • On the signpost CONTINUE SHOPPING/CONTINUE WITH ORDER either choose to continue shopping and keep on ordering more products (you are eligible for free shipping when ordering for more than 37 €) or finish the order by filling: 

    • Contact information

    • Choosing pamyent methods



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