Our e-shop offers delivering labels designed by kids or their parents based on our own designed self-adhesive labels and iron-on labels. Labels are destined for labeling your kids school supplies in order to prevent loosing them. We have prepared for you the best worked-out configuration program in Czech market with a variety of colors, picture motives and fonts. Each customer can choose his/her own combination which provides a unique design each time.

In our well arranged and intuitive it´s easy to design your own labels. We offer self-adhesive labels and iron-on labels in several basic shapes and sizes, it is possible to order bargain packages. Additionally you can also order so called warning labels, which serve the purpose of warning people for special needs of a child or labeling dangerous substances in the household or self-adhesive labels without picture motives for bigger children.

„ This kind of products isn´t achored in the Czech market and isn´t widely spread. Ordering self-adhesive labels and iron-on labels that the children can design themselves is considered to be an every year ritual and a natural thing in western Europe, USA or Australia, their children can´t almost imagine to start their school year without it. In Czech Republic are these practical accessories of pre-school and school children very rare.“ says Karolina Pešatová, the founder of LabelMania s.r.o.

The labels are made by professional technology of ecosolvent print on the top quality foils of renowned foreign producers. The self-adhesive labels are protected by a thin layer of lamination foil after the printing, which guarantees their long endurance, durability and color stability.

„ We strongly believe that our labels will be not just purposeful and practical everyday aid, which will prevent or strongly limit losing the belongings of our children, but also they will become a steady joy and way to express their individuality and creativity.“ adds Tomáš Částka, co-owner of LabelMania s.r.o. 

We very much care about delivering the best and highest quality products for your kids, that the children will love and that will serve them flawlessly for a long time.        

We would like to say thanks to everyone who contributed to creating and running our web and to everyone producing the labels ensuring we can offer you our top quality product.


Your LabelMania team.